The Future of Canadian Cannabis


CraftPro Industries represents craft cannabis growers across Canada who will continue to bring their unique high-quality cannabis to consumers under the new federal regulations.


We provide the opportunity for provincial and territorial wholesale distributors to access premium cannabis genetics from some of Canada’s most experienced master growers.


What is CraftPro Grower Associates?

New rules regarding legalization have created the opportunity for cultivator licenses to cultivate craft cannabis for Canadian and international markets.


    • Forward Buying Contracts

      Forward buying contracts assure a guaranteed market for the cannabis production of all of CraftPro’s associates.


    • Resources & Support

      CraftPro provides continued support and resources for individuals and groups to be successful cannabis cultivators under the new Canadian cannabis regulations.


    • Protect your Intellectual Property

      Unique strains and cultivation techniques are valuable intellectual property (IP) special to each associate and need to be protected. Your ability to maintain independence and protect your IP, while at the same time being able to collaborate with like-minded associates, allows you to maintain an advantage in the competitive national and international cannabis marketplace.


    • Remain Independent – Your brand. Your story.

      Your ability to build your brand guarantees your independence in this unique category. As an associate of CraftPro you leverage the power of the group as a whole while maintaining your independence.


    • Negotiating Power

      CraftPro secures all levels of supplier and service contracts (nutrients, soil, lights, etc.) insuring a wholesale competitive advantage for the group as a whole.

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Thinking about becoming a Craft Cannabis grower? CraftPro is accepting experienced cannabis growers whose goal it is to become a licensed cultivator under new cannabis rules.

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