Opportunity of a Generation

CraftPro Industries represents craft cannabis growers across Canada who will continue to bring their unique high-quality cannabis to consumers under the new federal regulations.

We provide the opportunity for provincial and territorial wholesale distributors to access premium cannabis genetics from some of Canada’s most experienced master growers.


Evening Star Cannabis

Victoria, BC

We are a small group of growers tucked away in the rain forests of southern Vancouver Island. Our current goal is to isolate certain landrace strains with unique characteristics to breed with our newer more potent hybridized strains. Our facility and...

Tight-Buds Craft Cannabis

Fredericton, New Brunswick

At Tight-Buds Craft Cannabis, located in beautiful Fredericton, New Brunswick, we are proudly dedicated to providing flavourful, clean, small-batch cannabis for discriminating connoisseurs. With the utmost care and attention during every stage of pro...